Woman Lobata is a traditional herb derived from the tuber roots of a well-known woody climber in Thailand commonly known as "Kwaao Kreu". This trailing vine is part of legume, puerariae or bean family, which grows in the north east of Thailand.

Woman Lobata is rich in natural phyto-estrogen which is very helpful in accelerate and stabilizing hormone level in women's body.

Research showed that Woman Lobata promotes the formation of natural collagen.

Woman Lobata is known as "Ge-Gen" in traditional Chinese medicine and "Kudzu" in Japan. It has been commonly used for centuries in China as a booster in improving blood circulation. Today, it has been widely used in America, Europe, Taiwan, and Japan.

Most women concern about the aging process especially its consequences. Most of women would stop menstruating between 48-50 ages due to the declining functions of reproductive system.

The decline of estrogen brings drastic changes to the body: therefore, the appearance of Woman Lobata is just at the right time because its phyto-estrogen can be used to redress insufficient estrogen in our body and alleviate the physical and psychology changes to women.

Suggestion Dosage

2 capsules per day before bed.


For woman above 21 years old.
Not to be taken by pregnant woman and cancer patient.

Capsule: 250 mg. X 60 capsules

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